Poster Printer

Color printing by large-format printer Canon W8400 is available for your presentation in academic settings.

Reservation is needed to use the large-format printer.

Service Contents


Center for Information Technology (CIT)
Administration Building, 2nd floor north end B Cluster in Katsura Campus (Map)

Time Available

9:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00 weekdays only, except for June 18th

  • Up to 2 hours
  • Not across the lunch break
  • Only when the Technical Office is not in use (Facility Availability)

User Eligibility  

Students who belongs to laboratory or department Faculty Staff

Printing service is limited to the materials necessary for education, research and management of Kyoto University.

Printing Fee 

Prices vary depending on the type of paper and the size of paper.  For more detail, contact to CIT.

  • Students need an approval of the costs by the laboratory chief before use.
  • As for the failed print paper, please note that we may charge you according to the size.
  • Printing fee is charged once a year.  Necessary document will be sent to your laboratory or department in January.

Printer Model 

Canon W8400 roll paper width: 36 inch (914 mm) (Specifications)

How to Use

1. Creating Printing Data (Files)

The printing data has to be in PDF file. (For Windows Users / For Mac Users)

  • If you also bring the data in original file, it will help in case of unsuccessful output.
  • As for USB flash drive, if a large number of files are saved, it may take time to virus scan.

2. Making a Reservation

Please contact to the CIT through e-mail.

3. Visiting CIT

One the day, please come to the Center for Information Technology, located in the Administration Building (2nd floor north end), B Cluster. Fill out the form. Your USB flash drive gets the virus check.

4. Printing self-service

CIT staff guides you to the Technical Office, where the printer is. Follow the “Poster Printer Manual” to print. If you have any questions, please call CIT staff. 

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